Fall Tips 2020 from Family First Realty

Amber McCulloch
Amber McCulloch
Published on October 2, 2020
changing seasons

Prep Tips for Winter

  • Check windows and exterior doors for necessary caulking and/or weather-stripping
  • Clean your gutters
  • Change batteries in smoke detectors
  • Clean the aerators on your faucets
  • Changing your air filters and cleaning the vent cover to the heating system monthly will help the unit run more efficiently, saving you money. 
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Tips for Protecting Your Home

Here are a few tips to keep your home working well for you.

  • Clean range hood filter
  • Keep up regular lawn maintenance
  • Clean the exhaust fans in bathrooms 
  • Change your refrigerator water filters when needed               
  • Never flush wipes! They are NEVER Flushable! $ave yourself $$$  
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