Hurricane / Storm Prep

Amber McCulloch
Amber McCulloch
Published on August 3, 2020

If you are a hurricane or tropical storm veteran, then you recognize the news is not that bad on this one: (1) It is “weak,” for a hurricane, (2) we are on the “weak west side” of it (the east side is always the worst); (3) it is traveling fast and will only be over us a relatively short time on Sunday; (4) it is hitting the Atlantic and will not be fueled further by warm waters (like happens when they hit the Gulf).

Know your zone. Evacuation may become necessary depending on the track and severity of the storm. You can review Virginia’s evacuation zones at It is crucial to note that the zone colors have been updated for 2020. Users can enter their physical address in the search bar of the website to view and confirm their designated evacuation zone.  

If you are recent to the East Coast and have not experienced a hurricane before, then a few reminders:
1. Stay alert and check updates for advisories.
2. Fill up your car with gas today, keep your phone charged and make sure you have a few days water and imperishable food (in case power goes out).

Make an emergency kit. Assemble an emergency kit that includes nonperishable food, water, medication, sanitary supplies, radios, extra batteries, and important documents. Learn more about building an emergency supply kit here.

3. Filling a bathtub and/or sinks/containers with water is the cheapest way to make sure you have water (you don’t have to buy bottled water).

4. Move anything outside that the wind can blow indoors so that it doesn’t become a projectile (furniture, awnings, decor) or whip that beats the house (garden hose).

5. Most injuries that happen result from self-inflicted stupidity like climbing on a roof, operating a chainsaw or the many hazards of living drunk. This is a time to be sober and keep your wits about you.

6. We do not board windows for our area, and highly discourage taping windows (a technique used in coastal areas to mitigate shattering glass). If you feel you must use tape, use the blue or green “painters” tape that can be easily removed without residue. Duct tape leaves a nasty residue that is very difficult to remove from glass after a short time, and you will be charged for cleaning windows if you use duct tape (can be VERY costly to clean). If you board up windows, you will be charged for repairing any damage or holes to the exterior walls as a result of your boarding. We are not boarding or taping any windows in our own homes.

For more information on preparing your business, family, and property for hurricane season, please visit the Virginia Department of Emergency Management website and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has also published helpful guidance on preparing for hurricanes during the COVID-19 pandemic, that you can find here.  

IF IT IS AN EMERGENCY that you feel threatened by, call 911. IF IT IS NOT AN EMERGENCY please hold off submitting the request until next week.

With you in the storm,

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