Safe Home Selling During COVID-19

McCormick & McCulloch
McCormick & McCulloch
Published on July 21, 2020

Selling a home always comes with challenges, but COVID-19 has made it more complicated than ever. With many states reopening, homeowners across the country are considering putting their properties up on the market. However, there are still plenty of safety measures to keep in mind, as well as new techniques designed to attract buyers in a socially distanced age. Here’s a look at what sellers need to know to succeed in today’s market. 

Understand Your Area 

Research your local market to empower your sales techniques. 

  • Work with an experienced real estate professional from Family First Realty who is knowledgeable about the Virginia Beach market and can help you sell your home for top value.
  • Get a sense of which techniques other homeowners are using to market their property
  • Research your state’s COVID-19 infection rates and reopening guidelines.

Keep In-Person Viewings Safe 

Many buyers will want to see a property in person, despite the COVID-19 risks. 

  • Thoroughly clean all surfaces, including furniture, before and after viewings. You may want to budget to have a professional team tackle this task for you.
  • Use effective cleaning products to disinfect frequently touched surfaces
  • If you can’t find cleaners in the store, there are DIY recipes you can make at home. 
  • Ask viewers to wear a mask and avoid touching surfaces during their tour. 

Prioritize Your Web Presence 

Sellers who offer digital options may have better luck finding a buyer, fast. 

This is far from an ideal time to sell a home, but there are advantages sellers should keep in mind. Caution has left the inventory low, and buyers are highly motivated as a result. With the right plan, you could get an offer in no time at all.

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